Closed Circuit TV Remote Observation and Surveillance facilities play a significant yet discreet role in maintaining security by carefully monitoring what is going on.
Siera supply a total monitoring chain, from small systems up to large installations, where the experience and reliability are fundamental.
Siera has enormous experience in fulfilling the ever increasing demands of the global market.
So, when it comes to integrating the best relationship between Quality and Specifications - Price - Reliability - Warranty, Siera is the best option.

HD Cameras

cctv 02 ahd

Digital Recording

cctv 06 grabacion digital

Online Demo

cctv 10 online demo


cctv 11 cleverx pro


cctv 07 conectividad

IP Cameras

cctv 04 camaras ip


cctv 08 lentes

Thermal Cameras

pro 6936ip


cctv 09 accesorios