The Brand
Siera has positioned itself as an excellent choice for those seeking quality and reasonable prices.

In a changing market, where every day new brands appear and disappear, consumers are often forced to choose between expensive products and unknown brands.

In Siera, after many years of permanency in the market, we have achieved a perfect balance between these two extremes, so that you find in each of our products all you need: quality, service, support and affordable price.

Siera in the World
Siera is worldwide recognized as a manufacturer of high technology products which are simple to use, that have been designed to meet the needs of different markets.

This global presence is a guarantee of quality for consumers, and a commitment to the development of new products that introduce to market the latest innovations in design and technology.

Supply Chain
Siera, we have generated a strong reciprocal commitment with our Authorized Dealers, which is an important distinctive factor of our company worldwide.

This commitment is based on trust, respect for the values of the brand, on permanent respect to the Dealer and the Consumer, and constant technological updating that we promote through training courses, workshops and on-line lectures.

Product & Service
As important as offering a good product is to be able to provide, our customers worldwide, commercial and technical support pre and after-sale.

Help you find the right product for your needs, technical advise to help you get the most out of it, and provide full after-sale support, are components that you also get when you choose a Siera product.

Quality Guarantee
Siera products have European design and have been developed according to the highest quality standards of the world´s market.

In addition, when you choose a Siera product you can count on the permanent technical support and advice of our authorized dealers who would help you to solve any problem in a short time and with original parts.

Siera has a permanent training plan to assist our Authorized Dealers, and, through them, companies and installers that provide services for our entire product line.

This plan has two major objectives: to maintain a staff of technicians constantly updated on new products and services that we introduce to the market, and provide to end users the assurance that when they choose a Siera product, they are also receiving the best service.

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